🍾What is the Best Way to Aerate Wine?🥂

Best Way to Aerate Wine
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When it comes to getting the best experience, you can from your wine, aerating is definitely a must. It’s important to know the best way to aerate wine and how you can achieve this process quickly. There are also multiple ways to aerate your wine, so let’s have a look at the best ways of doing so.

So young red wines are the best types of wines to aerator. That means red wines that were made about 3 years or less, from the time they are being opened. Basically, aerating these young wines will make them taste like if they were aged longer than they were. And everyone knows that wine tastes better with age, and that’s what is so amazing about aerating a young red wine.

Also, you should know that using a wine aerator will bring out the best taste and experience that your wine has to offer. The purpose of aerating your wine is to filter air into it, so that it can enhance the flavor and make your wine taste much better. You can also just let your wine sit in your glass for a very long time if you want, but that will take a very long time to aerate.

What Is the Best Way to Aerate Wine

The Best Way to Aerate Wine

If you’re opening up a wine with guests to celebrate a special occasion, you want to make sure the quality of the wine you are serving, is the best that it can possibly be. And you don’t want to have your guests waiting for a long time, while your wine aerates. So that’s how having an aerating method for your wine comes in handy.

Aerating wine definitely brings your taste buds to life and releases all the wonderful smells that a wine has to offer. After all, people enjoyed wine for the amazing taste and smell that it offers.

When looking to find the best way to aerate your wine, you have to be aware of the different ways you can go about doing so. You can either invest in a wine aerator, or you can use items that you would typically find in any kitchen. So now let’s look at a couple of different methods you can go about getting the best quality out of your wine, and also stop you from having to swirl your wine around all the time.

Wine Aerators

Purchasing a wine aerator is a good idea, because nobody wants to wait around for wine to aerate for a couple of hours before you have a chance to enjoy it. When it comes to purchasing an aerator, there’s two main types to choose from.

So, let’s have a look at the two types that you can purchase, then you can decide on which is the best way to aerate wine. Aerators work by allowing a large amount of air to flow into the wine, at a really short amount of time. It will not however change anything about the wine, but it will improve the quality of the taste.

Handheld Wine Aerators

You have to hold these aerators over your glass and pour your wine through them, and into your glass. They allow a lot of air to filter into your wine in a short amount of time, and some can actually sit in top of your wine to make it more convenient for you.

There’s many to choose from, and they great because they are small and easy to carry around. And pouring your wine through these aerators makes you wine taste and smell great in a short amount of time.

On-bottle Wine aerator

These aerators work different than the handheld kind. They’re really the most convenient way to aerate your wine. Unlike the handheld kind that allow your wine to flow through the aerator and into your wine, these fit directly into your wine bottle and filters it that way. So with that being said it’s a very popular way of aerating your wine because of how effortless and easy it is to use.

But it’s also important to note that this type of aerator is not as effective with aerating your wine like the handheld kind is.

Other Ways to Aerate Your Wine

If you don’t want to invest in a wine aerator, there’s also other methods you can do to aerate your wine. These methods work good also, and the best thing is that you probably already have them laying around in your kitchen.

So, these are the ways to aerate your wine without a wine aerator. And these are also popular methods used in restaurants because they’re very effective, and almost every restaurant has these items.

Method Number 1- Using A Blender

You most likely already have a blender in your home, and this is a good and effective way to aerate your wine. All you have to do is pour your wine into the blender and blend it for 30 to 40 seconds and that’s it. When it’s all set and done, just pour the wine from the blender into your wine glass and enjoy. This is definitely an effective way to let your wine aerate, and in a short amount of time as well.

Method Number 2- Using 2 Empty Pitchers

This is another good method for aerating your wine. What you will need is 2 completely empty pitchers or similar things that you can find. Then you’re going to pour your wine from one pitcher to the other pitcher, about 15 times or so.


So next time you’re thinking about opening a young bottle of wine, you will be better informed on the best methods you can try, for a better experience. It’s also important to note that these methods will enhance the taste of your wine a bit, but it will not change the overall quality of a wine. So, whether you’re a wine lover and enjoy wine frequently, or whether you just open up a bottle of wine once in a while to celebrate a special occasion, you must have an aerating method in place. So, the best way to aerate wine is up to you. And now you have multiple methods and options to choose from.