🥇The Wand Wine Filter Reviews🍷

The Wand Wine Filter Reviews
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The Pure Wine Company understands the side effects of histamines and sulfites in your wine, such as headaches, stomach upsets, skin flush, and hangovers. Wine ward is made of high-quality Nanopore beads wrapped inside of a plastic pouch free from BPA.

Who is this product for?

This wine wand isn’t made for a specific category of persons as it correctly filters your red wine, thus alleviating all the side effects of an unfiltered wine. However, if you are looking for taking wine without any side effects, then this is the best choice.

The Wand Wine Filter

What’s included?

The package includes wine wand that comes in the standard three wards usable once. It is portable such that it can fit in your pockets or your pulse.


Easy to use.

How to use wand wine.

1.  Place the Ward in a 6 ounces glass of wine

2.  Swirl and soak the ward for at least three minutes.

3.  Savor and enjoy your wine.


        It can fit in your pocket and purse

Very efficient

      Within a short duration, about three minutes, your wine is ready. 

Very effective

The only wine filter to remove histamine and sulfites at the same time.


It is not reusable

High in prices.

The Wand Wine Filter Reviews – Product Description:

The Wand Wine Filter is a product of Pure Wine. It comes in a packet measuring 2.8 x 1.5 x 6.5 inches and a gross weight of 1.6 ounces. It is known for its quality wine filtering. This filter will allow you to enjoy both the white wine, red and rose wine without the side effects associated with unfiltered wine. Once you swirl your wine with this wine wands all the histamines and sulfites are removed instantly; thus, the resulting headaches and stomach congestion immediately disappears.

These effects are not as a result of how many glasses you take but the histamine and the sulfites present. Since all wine types have these natural compounds, they will cause these negative effects. The good thing is that with a single wine wave with the Wine Ward, you can take as much wine without these ill effects.

The Nanopore beads remove the wine allergens without chemically interfering with the wine composition or adding other additives which would otherwise interfere with the taste of your expensive wine. Wine wand is active in six to seven ounces of wine and very efficient within a short duration of time about three minutes after swirling your wine. 

High-Quality performance is guaranteed since the mode of action of Wine Ward has been under research and lad –testing for more than five years in the USA.

The Wand Wine Filter Reviews.

Best Product Features.

Forget About Wine Headaches. Unfiltered wine has unpleasant effects such as headaches, skin flush, stomach problems, and hangovers, among others. You will take plenty of your wine without getting worried about these effects.

Wand Wine Removes Sulfites And Histamines. The Nanopore beads will remove wine sulfites and histamine preservatives. The Wand Wine creates Pure Wine without the use of other Rx and OTC since it removes the two wine compounds at the same time unlike other filters that must be used in combinations of two are three varieties together. The Wand Wine triggers the natural wine sensitivity instantly. Wand Wine filters are suitable to all wine varieties such as white, rose, red and even the sparkling wines. The chemical composition of your wine remains unchanged thus the natural wine taste, color or aromas remained unchanged.

Convenient. Within three minutes, after soaking your glass, the wine will be ready for sipping. Wand wine is easy to use and very portable fitting in your purse and pockets. Easy to dispose of after use. It is a perfect gift for your friends in ceremonies, social occasions, or holiday winning. Great for sharing with your friends.

No More Wine Wasting. Your wine after oxidizing is purified to its normal states and with taste and aromas retained. You will no longer throw away your wines fearing that it might go wrong with you.

Safe And Effective.–Nanopore filtration is a patented company in the U.S.A where the product is made. Filtration is safe and effective with approves from independent food and beverage testing bodies. BPA-Free and FDA compliant.

Final Verdict

Every wine lover needs to be comfortable when enjoying their luxuries wines. However, for them to be sure that they will have no side effects, then wine filtering is very crucial. Wand wine filters are the best wine filters for they will remove both histamine and sulfates at the same time. They are very portable and easy to use. Within three minutes, your wine will be ready. Enjoy your wine today without headaches and stomach problems by using Wand wine today.