🍾How to Store Wine After Opening Without a Cork🥂

How to store wine after opening without a cork
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There are quite a few ways to store your wine, after removing the original cork, without paying a dime. We will give you some advice on how to store wine after opening without a cork. The tips that we are going to share with you are very easy and useful. We hope we can help you preserve that tasty bottle of wine, without any cost.

1. Refrigerate your wine

Depending on the wine and temperatures outside, storing the wine in your refrigerator might preserve it for a few more days. Some wines can be preserved for a day or two, and others, even up to a week. Let’s say you re-cork the wine with the original cork and put in in the fridge. That’s ok but won’t remove air from the bottle. The air is what causes the wine to oxidate and turn it bad our sour. The cold temperatures will slow down the process of oxidation. That works for white and red wine.

Don’t leave the bottle of wine out on your counter, because more likely it can go bad fast. The less wine that has been left in the bottle, the bigger the oxidation effect can be, due to more air trapped inside the bottle.

how to store wine after opening without a cork

2. Transfer the wine into a smaller container

A “half bottle” for wine (around 375 ml) can do the trick. Half bottles, also known as small bottles of wine, can be found in almost any store. They are the perfect size to store the leftover wine from your bigger bottle. Rinse the small bottle with clean water and transfer the wine. Cover it with the original cork, paper towel or a saran wrap. You want to make sure it’s properly sealed. The small bottle can be used time after time, to store your leftover wine.

3. Re-cork it with the original cork or use a piece of a paper towel

You can use the other side of the original cork, to reseal it. But sometimes the cork can be so deteriorated or damaged, it makes it impossible to use it again. So, how can we store wine without a cork now? The answer is simple. Make your temporary cork with a paper towel, some plastic wrap and a piece of tape. Roll and fold the paper towel, into the shape of a cork. It has to be a little bigger than the neck of the bottle. Tape the paper towel cork to keep it in place. Wrap the top of the neck with plastic wrap. You have saved your precious wine, once more.

4. Wrap the original cork with a piece of waxed paper

You might be having some trouble to get the original cork back inside the bottle. To reduce friction, you can wrap the cork with waxed paper. This way will help you preserve the wine for at least 3 to 6 days. Keep it refrigerated.

5. Avoid storing your wine in heat and light

It’s very important to avoid heat and light, which can make your wine go bad very fast. Try to keep it in the coolest area of your fridge. When you take your wine out of the fridge, you have to do it at least one hour before drinking, so it warms up to the desired temperature (mostly red wines but also some white wines).

Sunlight is not the only factor that can prematurely age the wine and break the chemical compounds, that give some wines such unique and complex flavor. You want to make sure you protect any wine from sunlight and even fluorescent lightbulbs. The good thing about refrigerators is, that they are dark most of the time.

6. Be more careful with sparkly wine

How to store sparkly wine after opening without a cork?

Sparkly wine can usually be preserved from 1-3 days. Try to reseal it with the original plastic stopper or a plastic stopper to preserve sparkling wines. Don’t push it in all the way as it might return back to you, because of the pressure. The quality of the flavor and the carbonation is usually gone after 24 hours, after the wine being opened.

7. Humidity

Unless you professionally re-cork the bottle for further storage, humidity is not that important, when keeping your wine in the fridge for a few more days. If you are professionally storing your unopened wine, 70 % relative humidity will give you the best results. Keeping your opened bottles in the fridge might be just fine, but that is not the case for the unopened ones, because might help to break the seal.

8. Don’t open your best wines if the occasion is not right

If you have a selection of different wines that include, more affordable and also more expensive wines, try not to open your best bottle, if you don’t feel like the occasion is right. You might not regret too much if a 5 $ bottle goes sour. But you might regret when one of your priced wines goes bad because you forgot to store it in the fridge or somehow you didn’t find the time to drink it. Not to mention, that keeping complex tasting wines opened, might alter their flavor. On the other hand, when properly stored, some wines can benefit from being open for a short while, because after breathing might even improve the flavor.

9. Other ways to reseal your wine bottle

– Using a wine stopper

– Buying screw caps

– Making your own cork or cover from different materials

– Buying a vacuum seal

– Investing in a gas wine preserver


There are a lot of products on the market that will help you to store your wine, after opening without a cork. A lot of them are expensive and are probably not worth the trouble unless you are drinking very expensive wines. For an average wine consumer, the advice above, should save you a lot of trouble and most definitely help you preserve your wine, without any additional cost. How to store wine after opening without a cork? We hope that we have answered the question and gave you some useful tips.

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