🍾How to Store Red Wine After Opening🥂

How to Store Red Wine After Opening
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You can always drink an entire bottle of wine at one sitting and you shouldn’t have to. A lot of wines can be really expensive and even if the wine that you have is not expensive no one wants their wine losing the strength of its flavor. In this article, we are going to tell you how to store red wine after opening the bottle.

Why Do You Need to Store Red Wine Properly After Opening?

Wine is a very delicate drink that once opened and left can be altered by exposure oxygen and light as well as the temperature where your wine is stored if it is too low or too high. Furthermore, the longer you store it after you have already opened is another big factor in how your wine will be like. This wide variety of storage conditions make many people wonder how to store red wine after opening.

How to Store Red Wine After Opening

Wine is created using a process called Fermentation which helps turn the sugars in the grapes into alcohol. It is a process that requires a lot of experience and knowledge to get right, and even after the wine is properly fermented chemicals reactions can still occur depending on the environment the red wine bottle is stored.

It is also important to note that wine never spoils as the alcohol is a preservative instead it can develop a really bad taste, smell and even texture which will be far from enjoyable if you decide to drink it.

How to Store Red Wine After Opening?

– The first most important and recommended rule by all wine enthusiast and professionals is that you should put the opened bottle of red wine in the refrigerator. By putting a bottle of opened red wine in the refrigerator that will slow down the oxidation process that instantly starts the moment that you have opened the bottle. Furthermore, it helps ensures that you do not have to worry about regulating the room temperature and humidity.

– If you are lucky enough to have a special wine refrigerator then use it! A wine refrigerator has the perfect conditions to store wine and other beverages which will ensure that even if you are not very knowledgeable on how to store red wine after opening it that you will still be able to manage along with ease.

– Store in a dark place as high levels of light exposure will cause discoloration and change of taste in the red wine.

– Furthermore storing the wine in a place that is cool and not humid will make sure that any moisture does not get through the cork and into the wine which can cause fermentation and a dilution of the flavor of the wine.

– Finally, it is recommended that you drink an opened bottle of red wine by 3 to 5 days in order to make sure that it is as fresh as possible because the longer you store it after it has been opened regardless how perfect the conditions you store it in the red wine will deteriorate.

What to Avoid When Storing Red Wine?

– Always avoid storing the wine bottle on its side as this will increase the surface area that the wine is exposed to inside the bottle which will mean more of the wine be will reacting with the oxygen so the wine will change the flavor much more quickly.

– Try not to shake or carry around the opened bottle of wine as that will cause bubbles and extra oxidation that will cause chemical reactions in the wine.

– One of the most important tips in this ‘How to Store Red Wine After Opening‘ article will be to avoid avoiding at all costs will be not to store your red wine above 10 degrees Celcius or over 50 Fahrenheit.

– When you are reinserting the cork from an opened bottle make to reinsert the side that was originally inside the bottle because if you put in the outer side that will add bacteria into your wine that will multiply in your wine while in your storage facility.

– Changing the temperature of the wine while you are have opened it and are storing it can cause the wine to spoil. For example, storing the wine at first in your refrigerator and then taking it out and putting the wine in your kitchen cupboard where there are different temperature and humidity levels.

– Another very important advice that you need to keep in mind is not to store your wine next to other food that has a strong odor. This is because the wine literally breathes through the cork and any smells will get into the wine and can affect the wines smell and even flavor.

How to Tell That Your Wine Is Spoiled

– If you wine tastes like vinegar or has become unusually sour then that means that your wine is spoiled, and it is best that you throw it away.

– If the cork in the wine bottle has becomes really dry and flaky that means that the wine may be spoiled. This is because once opened the cork of a wine bottle can start drying it up as there is not as much liquid in the bottle to keep the cork from drying. Once a cork starts to dry it will reduce in size which will allow a lot more oxygen to get inside the wine bottle which will further oxygenate the wine causing it to ruin.

– If the wine has gone brown in color that can be a sign that your red wine has spoiled. Some red wines may also lose color and go pinkish, so you also need to be aware of that.

– You also need to look out if there is an unusual amount of bubbles in the red wine as that can be a sign of extra oxidation and fermentation that will cause your wine to be very sour in taste due to over fermentation.


To conclude it is very important to store red wine that has been opened in the right conditions considering factors such as temperature levels, light exposure levels, the right humidity and also in the optimum time level which is extremely important. We hope that in this article that we were able to adequately explain to you how to store red wine after opening it and more importantly that you enjoyed it.