What is a Wine Aerator and How it Works

🍾What is a Wine Aerator?🥂

So let us say that you’ve just spent a significant amount of money on several bottles of wine for a party later in the evening. Naturally, you would want to make sure that you provide a good experience and possibly impress your guests. If so, then most wine experts are quick to recommend investing in good wine aerator. Doing so can help you save money and help you make the most out of every bottle of wine that you serve to guests. How is this so?

How to Let Wine Breathe Without a Decanter

🍾How to Let Wine Breathe Without a Decanter?🥂

How to Let Wine Breathe Without a Decanter? This is probably an unacceptable concept for some wine experts. Decanters are closely intertwined with wine. People used decanters frequently in the olden days to keep sediments out of the wine when it was poured into a glass for consumption.

How to Aerate Wine Without a Decanter

🍾How to Aerate Wine Without a Decanter?🥂

Have you just bought an expensive bottle of wine and found that it didn’t taste as good to justify its’ price tag? Chances are, you didn’t give the wine enough time to “breath” or aerate. Doing so will improve its taste and is typically done using a decanter, but what if you don’t have one? How to aerate wine without a decanter, and is it even possible?

How to Store Red Wine After Opening

🍾How to Store Red Wine After Opening🥂

You can always drink an entire bottle of wine at one sitting and you shouldn’t have to. A lot of wines can be really expensive and even if the wine that you have is not expensive no one wants their wine losing the strength of its flavor. In this article, we are going to tell you how to store red wine after opening the bottle.

How to store wine after opening without a cork

🍾How to Store Wine After Opening Without a Cork🥂

There are quite a few ways to store your wine, after removing the original cork, without paying a dime. We will give you some advice on how to store wine after opening without a cork. The tips that we are going to share with you are very easy and useful. We hope we can help you preserve that tasty bottle of wine, without any cost.

What Does a Wine Aerator Do

🍾What Does a Wine Aerator Do?🥂

As you pick your favorite wine glass, you hear the glasses cling. You place it on the counter gently then you open your wine bottle. You can hear how it pours into the glass gracefully and you just pour it half-way just like the way they do it in movies. You swirl the wine inside the glass as you smell it, more less like a ritual wine-taster perform before tasting the wine.

How Long to Aerate Wine

🍾How Long to Aerate Wine?🥂

The process of allowing the wine to breath is known as wine aeration. The process involves exposing the wine to air for some time to allow oxygen in for wine oxidation especially before serving the wine. This, in turn, makes the wine less harsh and improved taste. Most of the wine varieties are tightly sealed to prevent oxygen getting in which would otherwise make the wine bitter just like vinegar.

How Does a Wine Aerator Work

🍾How Does a Wine Aerator Work?🥂

If you have ever been to a wine tasting party, then you have probably heard experts say that it’s essential to let the wine “breathe” to bring outs subtle smell and flavors. People who have no idea what they are talking about have probably never seen a wine aerator.

How Long Can You Leave Wine in a Decanter

🍾How Long Can You Leave Wine in a Decanter?🥂

Wine can quickly change in flavor when exposed to oxygen which gives the wine more character and a crisper taste. However, a lot of people may have heard that it is good to leave wine in a decanter, but they do not actually know why and for how long. In this article, we are going to tell answer your question of how long you can leave wine in a decanter.