🥇Best Wine Fridge for Champagne🍷

Best Wine Fridge for Champagne
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The SMETA Electric Appliances undoubtedly understands how to design the best champagne wine fridges that do not only have a long lifespan but also the best cooling ability with multiple uses. The champagne fridge is one of the most fashionable champagne fridge models. It is made from high-quality cooling materials, thus increasing its efficiency better than other models. Further improvements such as removable shelves and adjustable Bordeaux to accommodate bigger champagne bottles have been made to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Who should use Champagne fridge?

Do you love your wine when it is cold? Then this is the best fridge for you. It will cool your wine up to around 39.2℉~64.4℉, thus ensuring your wine temperature is as you wish. You also like having bigger champagne bottles; the selves are removable, hence accommodating all your bigger bottles.

SMETA Wine Fridge

Product Description Of The Best Wine Fridge For Champagne.

For the 28 bottle capacity champagne fridge with handles.


1.  The package includes stainless steel doors flames and removable shelves with a glass door, thus enabling you to show your friends the wine type you have without necessarily removing the wine bottles outside.

2.  Compressor wine cooler. This type of wine cooling system uses advanced compressor equipment that compresses the air inside the fridge, thus cooling the surrounding environment.

3.  Interior chapter lighting. This light enables you to view your wine without necessarily exposing it to excess light, which can otherwise damage some wine types.

4.  Negligible noise. Only 39dB hence no fear of noise pollution that can ruin your hearing capacity or interfere with your fresh music. 

Product Specifications

•  Temperature range:39.2℉~64.4℉ 

•  Input power:85W 

•  Noise Level (dB): 39 dB 

•  Product Size (W x D x H ):16.9 x 18.9 x 32.5 inch 

•  Packing Size (W x D x H ):18 x 20.3 x 33.5 inch 

•  Net capacity: 3.1 cu ft. 

•  Capacity Bottle:28 bottles 

•  Weight: 44 lb. /50 lb. 

•  Rated Voltage/Frequency:115V/60Hz 

The champagne wine cooler is aimed at entirely Bordeaux Wine bottles.


1.   Perfect size that can fit under kitchen pawn extension, 

2.  Quite, minimal assembly (shelf arranging),

3. Excellent wrapping protection thus no scratches anywhere.

4.  Removable shelves when storing bigger champagne bottles.

5.  Adjustable Bordeaux to create much room for bigger champagne e bottles. For instance, two bottom shelves are frequently removed when users need to create much space for bigger containers.

6.  Negligible noise production or no noise at all

7.  Soft blue LED displays and touch screen doors to lighten the interior of the fridge are very beautiful.

8.  Adjustable thermostats can be changed from Degree Celsius (C)to Farads(F)

9.  Cool temperatures maintenance about 39.2℉~64.4℉ 


1.  Adjust the fridge height is not easy.

2.  The too-bright LED light that indicates temperature levels, thus causing distraction during the night when watching television.

Overview of the Features

1. Durable compressor cooling system with extended service life. The high cooling capacity enables your wine to remain cold for a longer time and safely.

2. Adjustable thermostat hence, temperature regulation is possible. Temperatures range of 4~18  (39.2℉~64.4℉) is maintained in the fridge, thus allowing better cooling of your wine. 

3. Twenty-eight champagne wine bottles can be accommodated thus suitable for personal, hotel and even mini bar wine storage. The bigger champagne bottle is stored by adjusting the Bordeaux or simply removing some shelves.

4. The touch screen and the LED display ensures better lightening of the interior thus highlighting the capacity and the variety of your wine inside without overexposing to natural light, which can otherwise harm your wine flavors and taste.

5. It can store all wine varieties such as the red wine, rose wine, white wine, champagne, and sparkling wines. The perfect USA Father’s Day Gift!

Additional information

Seller warranty description.

One year warranty once you purchase your champagne wine fridge. It is meant to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with the producers offered. In case of malfunctioning, you receive a perfect solution to the problem.

Final verdict

Why Choose The Best Wine Fridge For Champagne? As a cold wine lover, you will be looking for a wine refrigerator rather than a wine cooler. You love taking your wine when it is cold, and your friends who alike love refreshing wine. Then this is the perfect option for you. Moreover, you enjoy taking your wine from time to time and preserving the remaining portions for another day; this fridge will ensure maximum satisfaction. You will remove the shelves and adjust the Boltex easy to create space for your bigger champagne bottles. The model price is affordable, even with high-quality services.