🥇Best Wine Cooler for Large Bottles🍷

Best Wine Cooler for Large Bottles
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Most wine drinkers would love nothing better than to construct wine cellars of their own. After all, is there a more elegant method of storing wine?

However, wine cellars are simply too expensive and most people don’t even have space for one. But this is why wine coolers have attracted so much interest.

The best wine cooler for large bottles will store your wine in a manner that is as stylish as it is convenient. And the Thermal Electric 8-bottle cellar from Commercial Cool does just that.

Thermal Electric 8-Bottle Cellar by Commercial Cool Review

As its name suggests, the thermal electric is a mini wine cellar, a fridge from Westinghouse that will store red and white wines at the perfect temperature. That way, your wine is chilled and more than ready to be served at a moment’s notice whenever your guests come around.

Thermal Electric 8 Bottle Wine Cellar

Who is the Thermal Electric 8-Bottle Wine Cellar for?

This product is targeted towards people who love wine but they lack the means to construct a wine cellar within which their bottles can be stored.

In fact, the cooler is more efficient than a cellar because of its compact size. It doesn’t require much space and, thus, should prove attractive to individuals living in small apartments.

You can position this product on any flat surface, be it the top of a table or a random corner in your kitchen.

What is Included?

When you order this product, what you will get is a 20.7-pound wine cellar with shelves on the inside (8 inches wide and 21 inches tall) that are large enough to accommodate wine bottles of average size.

The Features

The best wine cooler for large bottles should have enough outstanding features to justify its price tag, and this Thermal Electric Wine Cellar has quite a few, including:

1) Temperature

This cooler is designed to keep the temperature of your wine bottles between 46 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooler is known for delivering a consistency which ensures that every bottle of wine is always ready to be served at the right temperature.

However, you also get a knob that allows you to manipulate the temperature depending on the wine stored within the cooler.

2) Light

The interior of the cooler has a light that will keep its contents illuminated, allowing you to find whatever bottle you might be looking for regardless of the time of day or night. It is also worth noting that the door is transparent, so you can see your wine without having to open the cooler.

3) Space

The cooler is designed to house eight wine bottles of normal size. It has attractive wire racks with a chrome finish that will keep your bottles safe and secure.

4) Design

This cooler is small, compact, and quite attractive with its all-black aesthetic. As such, not only can it fit anywhere but the product brings elegance to any given space.

The best wine cooler for large bottles should adapt to the style and taste of the consumer but this thermal electric cellar actually improves it.


1) The door has transparent glass that will allow you to view your wine bottles.

2) There are mechanical controls that simplify the process of manipulating the temperature

3) The cooler is small, compact, and portable. So it tends to save on space.

4) You can take the shelves out to fit larger bottles.

5) The design is simple, elegant and attractive.


1) The cellar does not come with a temperature gauge. 


A decent alternative to the Thermal Electric 8-bottle cooler is the Koldfront Freestanding cooler. 

This one can accommodate as many as 16 wine bottles of normal size. It is a little heavier and larger but still compact and portable. It works best with red wines but it can still accommodate white wine.

Final Verdict

This wine cooler should appeal to all types of wine lovers. The most enthusiastic of the bunch will appreciate the fact that it saves on space. But the product will also give newbies a picture of what it means to collect and store wine appropriately.

The cellar isn’t that hard to operate and its sleek design will improve the style of any given room. So aesthetically speaking, you can’t go wrong with this choice.