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Best Large Wine Fridge
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Kalamera 24” Wine Refrigerator Review

If you’re looking for a cooler that has a lot of tech and can fit pretty much anywhere, the Kalamera Wine Refrigerator is for you. It’s a large tech cooler with a 24 inch width, and that’s what makes this cooler one of the best large wine fridges that you can buy nowadays. This cooler is packed with many great features that makes is a must buy for wine lovers. It has a dual zone control system with an Upper zone of 40-50 and a lower Zone 50-66, which means your bottles will always be nice and cool. It also comes with new smart temperature technology, that restores the temperature inside the cooler back to the original cooling temperature whenever it needs to. This is handy in case the power shuts off for any reason.

Kalamera 24” Wine refrigerator

The Features That Make This Product One Of The Best Large Wine Fridge You Can Buy

Feature Number 1- Large Cooler With A Capacity Of 46 Bottles Of Wine

This cooler has a lot of room and can fit exactly 46 large bottles of wine. So you don’t have to worry about having enough space, there’s plenty.

Feature Number 2- Dual Zone Control Cooling System

This feature makes it perfect so you can always have you wine nice and cool, even if your home is not. It has an upper zone of 40-50 and lower Zone 50-66, so your wine can be cooled at which ever temperature you’d like.

Feature Number 3- It’s Very Quiet For A Fridge This Size

It offers peace and quiet around your home. This fridge is very silent when it’s on and it also has low vibrations, which is a very nice feature to have that some coolers don’t offer. 

Feature Number 4- It Has Beautiful Wood Shelves 

It’s equipped with 5 firm sets of beech wooden shelves. This wood is specially made to be firm and also not to scratch your wine. As a wine lover you know how important it is to keep you bottles of wine in great condition. And it also adds a special and more style to the overall refrigerator.

Feature Number 5- It Has A Safety Lock 

It has a safety lock feature, so that only you can decide who has access to it. This comes in handy in case you have kids around.

Feature Number 6- Digital Control System

The LCD temperature allows you to quickly set the temperature of your cooler, within the cooling system limits. 

Feature Number 7- Smart Temperature Memory Technology

It has smart temperature technology that restores the temperature back to normal temperature, in case it shuts off for any given reason. This is very useful to keep you bottles nice and cool at all times.

Feature Number 8- It Has A Beautiful Exterior Design 

The cooler has a black exterior design with a stainless steel door frame and handle, which makes for a nice design. The wooden shelves and the beautiful exterior design really compliment each other very nicely.

Feature Number 9- It’s 24 Inches Wide

It has a width of 24 inches that makes it a great cooler, and can fit pretty much anywhere that you want it to. 

Feature Number 10- Strong Triple-Layer Glass Door

This cooler has a triple-layer glass door that provides many benefits. It provides a large layer to keep your wine fresh and cool at any time. It also protects your wines in case of an accident.

So What Are The Good And Bad Things About This Large Wine Refrigerator?


• Good cooling system of 40-50 and lower Zone 50-66

• LED lights so you can have a great look at your wine and also gives it great style

• Has reversible doors so this makes it more convenient for you

• 24 inches wide so it can be displayed pretty much just about anywhere you want it to

• It’s super quiet when it’s on

• Has a large amount of space for 46 large bottles


• Waste a lot of energy in your home

• Weighs 104.5 lbs

• May stop cooling after long periods of time

Final Verdict

The Kalamera 24” Wine Refrigerator is a great product for many reasons. The pros definitely outweigh the cons in this situation, and it’s a must buy for wine lovers. With this cooler having so much technology and being so modern, it’s a must have for a lot of people nowadays.